Xbox One Cold Boot Takes 1 Minute and 8 Seconds, Runs Hotter, Consumes More Power In Standby Than PS4

Xbox One review embargo has been lifted and we are getting reviews from various technology websites. As details are pouring in, we are knowing more about the underlying hardware and can compare it to its competitor PlayStation 4.

Digital Foundry have also gotten their hands on an Xbox One and according to their measurement, the console will take a total of 1 minute and 8 seconds to start from a cold boot. Standby is much more convenient though and will only take 18 seconds.

1 minutes and 8 seconds is a lot of time and likely relates to the system loading the various operating systems in its memory. Digital Foundry also did a temperature test for Xbox One just like they did for PlayStation 4. This test really came as a surprise since the Xbox One produced more heat, despite having a bigger cooler and a more spacious design. The console produces less heat in idle mode and while playing a blu-ray movie but once we start gaming and multitasking, the temperature can shoot up far more than what we get on PlayStation 4. Gaming and multitasking leads to 45 Celsius(113 Fahrenheit) temperature on PlayStation 4, similar activity on Xbox One can bump the temperature up to 49 Celsius(120 Fahrenheit).

AnandTech also tried their hand on testing the standby power usage for Xbox One and compared it to PlayStation 4. While Xbox One had lower power consumption when it was actually turned on, it required almost double the power in standby mode, likely relating to the Kinect commands available in standby mode. If we put both of them side by side, Xbox One consumed 15.3W in standby compared to 8.59W of PlayStation 4.

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