Xbox One controller input lag shown in a new video, doesn’t look good

A new video has appeared that shows the input lag of Battlefield 4 Beta on Xbox One. Since Battlefiled 4 is 60 fps, it is a pretty good measure for checking out the lag. You can see the video below or additionally you can check it out in the form of an Animated GIF, which is slowed down to show the lag.

The video can be seen below courtesy of NeoGAF user Timurse, where he shows us the input lag of Xbox One controller.

We have made it into an animated gif, which you can see below:

While we don’t claim to be an expert on the latency, the gif above clearly shows that the input lag is —– not good. Additionally, it could also depend on the TV, maybe the TV had a higher input lag and hence it is clearly visible in this video.

The worrying thing here is though that Battlefield 4 is a 60 fps game. Even with 60 fps, it is showning a higher input lag. This certainly doesn’t bode well for the Xbox One controller, which has reportedly cost Microsoft $100 million.

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