Xbox One details on connectivity, privacy and used games announced

Microsoft have done it, they’ve actually announced some of the details we’ve been long waiting for. This news isn’t good news.


You are able to play your Xbox One games for a full day without connecting to the internet. Not only that, Microsoft have been generous enough to let us play our games on a friends console, after signing in on our own profiles of course, for a whole hour. After that massive time of one day, or one hour, you are unable to play games offline but you will still be able to watch films or TV. Thank god a video games console hasn’t stopped us doing that.

I am really trying not to swear, Microsoft are so out of touch with the real world. Sure, as gamers we probably all have stable broadband connections but even I’ve suffered with my internet going out for a few days through phone line issues.

Used Games (Licensing)

This is the area we’ve all been thinking about, the games. Well Microsoft have revealed that a game will be attached to your account in the same way as that of Steam on the PC. So long as you log onto a Xbox One on your account you can download your copy of the game. One small bonus announced is that you are fully free to share each and every one of your games with family members, so paying a large fee doesn’t mean only you get to play the game, everybody in your house does! It’s like it’s always been, only Microsoft will be checking in to make sure. This is a feature people!

Microsoft have backed away from their stance on used games fees so the outrage has led to something good. Participating retailers are allowed to offer you cash or credit for your used games. However, the crux is the same as Sonys announcement, publishers are allowed to opt out of this and block their games from going as used copies. Also a possibility is the ability to give your game to a friend if the publisher allows it. The friend in question has to have been on your Xbox Live friends list for a minimum of 30 days which will stop you adding somebody just to sell your copy of a game directly, cutting out the vultures that are used-game stores like Game and Gamestop.

Xbox SetPrivacy

One sense of relief here is that Microsoft have at least given us the option to turn Kinect on or off or simply pause the sensor capabilities it has. Of course a number of games will have Kinect features shoehorned in thanks to Microsoft wanting to validate it’s constant push of the monstrosity, like so many games on the Wii and Wii U trying to force the gimmicks down our throats. This sadly means you will be forced to have Kinect on most of the time.

Privacy is a seeming focus for Microsoft which is something I’m happy about. I wouldn’t be too fond of a little camera in my room just sending things off into the ether without my explicit permission. Thankfully the Xbox One will require your permission to show almost anything or everything. How much of your nude gaming is shown online is completely up to you!#

Oh Dear

So maybe I seem a little negative here. Well, that’s because I am. Practically everything revealed makes me want to shake Microsoft so badly it gives it Shaken Baby Syndrome and I have my doubts that they’ll be killing Sony at E3 or anywhere else for that matter. They have the gall in statements to outright condemn a decent portion of their previous consumer base with some downright ignorant statements. I’ll leave you with my personal favorite:

Because every Xbox One owner has a broadband connection, developers can create massive, persistent worlds that evolve even when you’re not playing.

So that’s it, if you don’t have a broadband connection, you’re not allowed a Xbox One.

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