Xbox One Exclusive Dead Rising 3 Gets New Screenshots Showing a Psycho In a Space Suit

Dead Rising 3 is a Xbox One Exclusive and will be released along with the launch of Xbox One. Microsoft has released brand new screens for the game that show us more of the crazy, brutal world of Dead Rising 3 and mainly focuses on some of the new Psycho Boss Battles.

These screenshots focus on some of the Psychos that we will face in Dead Rising 3. Just like previous Dead Rising games, there doesn’t seem to be any shortage of new Psychos for Dead Rising 3. Among the various Psychos, we can see one in a Space Suit. He can use the jet boosters on his back to fly around the area. Another Psycho seems to be Kung Fu Master and can be seen using a flying kick on the main protagonist. We can also see a Psycho, who appears to be a former soldier judging from his attire. He wields a knife and can be seen using it to threaten the main protagonist.

You can check out all of these new screens below.

Dead Rising 3 recently faced a controversy, when it was announced that the game will be running at 720p and 30 fps on Xbox One. The game was originally thought to be running at a dynamic resolution so this new confirmation of it running on a locked 720p resolution and with 30 fps was pretty surprising for the majority.

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