Xbox One Exclusive Forza Horizon Sequel To Be Revealed Today? [Update]

Update: It has been officially confirmed. You can read more details about the game from here.

Original Story: It seems like we are getting another potentially big game reveal for the Xbox One today, as teased by creative director of Playground Games, the developers of the original Forza Horizon for the Xbox 360.

Ralph Fulton, who is the creative director at Playground Games, seemed rather excited today. When he was asked on why he was excited, he replied back, “Don’t know why, just… excited ; – )”

This tweet might seem rather ambiguous but the official twitter account of Playground Games also tweeted out, “Good morning all!” What could prompt such an exciting tweet from them, if not a reveal of their *secret project* as written in their Twitter profile.


Forza Horizon sequel announcement hasn’t really been kept a secret. It was leaked through a set of concept art for the game, which also revealed the title to be Forza Horizon: Deep South. Later, ntkrnl, who leaked a lot of upcoming announcements for Xbox One confirmed that a sequel to Forza Horizon is coming and will be released in Fall 2014. Considering the track record of his leaks, we have no doubt it will happen.

Since we all know that a new game is definitely coming soon, the only question was that when it was going to be officially revealed. If the tweets of the creative director and the developer are any indication, it could happen today.

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