Xbox One Factory Reset Issue Being Reported By Users, Not Part of Xbox Insider Program

Xbox One users are starting to report about a factory reset for their Xbox One which seems to have occurred randomly today. This factory reset is not happening just to those who are a part of the Xbox Insiders program which usually installs beta version of firmware updates, it is also being reported by those who have left the Xbox Insiders program so they aren’t doing any beta test with the upcoming firmware updates.

There are multiple threads on reddit over the same issue and the concerning part is that this is not limited to Xbox Insiders. People who are using a regular Xbox One firmware are also reporting about their console resetting overnight forcing them to set up their game profiles again. Some of the games with DLC will have to be authenticated again which means this is just an additional headache that has happened without any reason.

Microsoft hasn’t made any official announcement over this issue but people are also talking about it on Twitter aside from reddit, showing that it is not as limited as it seems for now. This is also not the first time this issue has occurred for Xbox One users, but the last time it did, it was for Xbox Insiders only and didn’t affect any normal consoles.

Hopefully Microsoft can work out a solution for this problem soon because a complete factory reset can be an annoying problem to have since you will have to set up everything again on your Xbox One including any customization that you might have made on it.

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