Xbox One With Faulty GPU Results In Red Artifacts On Screen

Xbox One has now launched in 13 territories and while we may get all sorts of issues reported, we haven’t seen a faulty GPU one. One user was particularly unlucky to end up with a faulty GPU in his Xbox One.

According to reddit user fpzero, he started noticing these artifacts on his screen while playing Forza Motorsport 5. Initially, he thought that it was just the TV having issues with the game but these artifacts actually ended up showing in the screenshots that he took in photo mode for Forza Motorsport 5. You can check out these screens below.

“The artifacts are most noticeable in Killer Instinct. However, in Dead Rising 3 it looks like fireworks are going off and christmas lights are blinking all over the screen.

Pretty sure that my GPU is having issues processing shaders.” said reddit user fpzero.

It is unfortunate that he ended up with this issue. Hopefully, he will get his replacement soon. The PlayStation 4 has also faced similar issues with its faulty GPUs in some cases, where it results in glitches on screen and the console has to be replaced.

So what do we really call this new problem? “Red Artifacts of Death”?

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