Xbox One Game Sharing Has Been Secretly Improved With This New Update

Microsoft has secretly implemented a brand new update to the way Xbox One game sharing works which has resulted in users more choices when it comes to sharing their accounts across multiple Xbox One consoles.

Normally when you set a profile on your Xbox One and use it as the default profile to access the games and other features, you will have to set that profile as ‘Home’ on your Xbox One. This makes the profile primary and lets you switch to any secondary profile so that you can still play and access the games owned by the primary profile.

This method is available for those who have multiple Xbox One consoles, or those who have shared their Xbox Live account with a friend so that they can share the games together. The issue with making the Xbox Live profile as ‘Home’ on a particular Xbox One was that it was limited to just 3 activation per year.

What this means is that if you had your profile set as ‘Home’ on different Xbox One consoles in an year, you could only do it 3 times. Suppose you bought a new Xbox One and had to make it your new ‘Home’ profile, since you would have already done it for your original Xbox One, this would have been your second activation leaving just one more until the year was over. The new restriction has increased that limit from 3 per year to 5 per year, as discovered by reddit users.

I have been personally affected by this method when I moved to the Xbox One Slim. I already had my profile activated 3 times because I activated it once on my original Xbox One, gave it to a friend who activated it on his Xbox One and then later returned to me once he sold his Xbox One. I activated it back on my original Xbox One and then when I bought a Slim, I wasn’t able to set my profile as Home because of the activation limit. Hopefully with the increased limit, people won’t be able to face such issue and since there is still a limit available, they won’t abuse it for game sharing purpose.


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