Xbox One Gets New System Software Update Today, Includes Some Bug Fixes

Microsoft has released a new Xbox One system software update today that appears to contain some behind the scenes bug fixes. They haven’t officially listed any changes so the only information that we have for this new update is that it includes some bug fixes, as revealed by Xbox’s Larry Hryb on Twitter.

As the system software update is now live, some users are reporting update to the Xbox One emulation software, which has improved some of the Xbox 360 emulated games including Banjo Kazooie. Take this with a grain of salt though as it is not officially confirmed.


Larry Hryb, who is known by his nickname Major Nelson on Twitter, had the following to say regarding this new update.

A system update update for Xbox One is going out today. It’s got a few behind the scenes bug fixes. No new features though.

Microsoft has recently announced a couple of new Xbox One bundles including a 1 TB bundle featuring Rainbow Six Siege and another “Name Your Game” bundle offering users a choice among select titles including Ori and the Blind Forest. These bundles can now be purchased through any retailer, and you can read more details about them from here.

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