This Xbox One Guide Menu Might Not Be Official But It Looks Great

Xbox One OS is based on Windows 8 and Metro UI. While Xbox One in its current state of multi-tasking and snapping feature, has no need for a guide menu like there was on Xbox 360. Still, a couple of reddit users have took it to themselves to design custom guide menu for Xbox One, here is another one of them.

This particular guide menu comes from reddit user korrosion. You can check it out below.

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While this type of Guide Menu might never make its way into official OS for Xbox One(Or perhaps it will?), we can definitely appreciate the hard work that is spent in creating it. In fact, this looks better and more feature rich than Microsoft’s own interface.

Unfortunately, this lacks the battery icon for the status of controller, which was available in this other user made guide menu. But as a whole, it looks really neat.

What do you think of this interface? Let us know in the comments below.

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