Xbox One has been Revealed, all details here

Well, the day has finally come, Microsoft has revealed their next home console. Their next console is called XBOX ONE. Aiming all of their focus and resources to establish the XBOX  as the front runners in living room entertainment. Combining movie and modern television watching, music, games and probably a litany of other unannounced system nuances into one cohesive entertainment system. Microsoft’s goal of creating  an ideal, easily accessible, all-in-one entertainment system has made consumers and critics alike cognizant of  that fact and even more so with XBOX ONE. 


The box itself has once again reinvented itself in design with moving away from the curved design of its predecessor and adopting a sharp, modern design that looks more like a large DVR box than anything. Small crevasses make up this  new slick design. The systems specs were shown briefly during the presentation and by the looks of it, this is going to be a powerhouse of a system.

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”TP_E6Bn6fWM”]

XBOX ONE has a few new features that blatantly sets it apart from its contemporaries. However, the one that is the most glaring is the re-vamped Xbox Kinect. The Kinect from the past generation responded poorly to hand gestures and body movement and in result, received negative reviews and polarized players from Kinect centric games.  This not the case with its successor, demonstrations shown during the presentation illustrate the radical/improved changes that has been made to the once called ‘accessory’. Once an accessory, has now been made into an integral part in the systems functionality. Based on what was shown, the new Kinect shows much more promise and potential than its predecessor ever did. One more note to take down is the Kinect motion sensor has 1080p of wider vision which will make for more fluid gameplay experiences.


The Controller looks more akin to the first generation Xbox controllers that were re-done after system had been out for a reasonable amount of time. Having a smooth and sleek finish on top and the D-pad looks to be more streamlined and easier to manipulate that its previous incarnation. Also, the most noteworthy fact about it  is that there will be no more asking Mom and Dad to replenish double A battery packs that you run through. Finally, Microsoft has made the jump to internal battery integration which is long over due.

Other than a couple of titles, one of them being a game by Remedy Studios called Quantic Dreams and Activision’s Call of Duty Ghosts, not much in the way of  software exclusivity, but Microsoft promises 15 exclusive titles to launch for XBOX ONE within its first year, 8 of them being brand new IPs.

EA also showed off their Sports titles including FIFA 14, a new UFC title, NBA Live 14 and Madden 14. Check out all the details from EA’s side here.

You can catch a recording of the event here. Be sure check back here as more news will be shared as it  becomes available.

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