Xbox One: Here’s A Neat Feature That You Might Have Missed In Latest Update

If you have updated to the latest beta firmware on Xbox One, you can perhaps appreciate this new feature that has been added to the latest firmware update.

If you have friends who change their gamertags, you can perhaps appreciate this new feature that is added in the latest firmware update for the Xbox One.


This feature was spotted by reddit user StealthClowns when one of his friend changed his gamertag to a new one, it appeared in his activity feed on the Xbox One.

Microsoft allows Xbox Live users to change their gamertag by paying a one time fee of about $10 for this change. While this might seem like a little too much, it is essential to stop people from frequently changing their gamertags unless absolutely necessary. So the next time someone changes their gamertag on Xbox Live, you will be easily able to see the change on your activity feed on the Xbox One.

Xbox One June Firmware Update is currently undergoing a private beta between select participants. This update will be later released for the public in the coming month.

Have you updated to this latest firmware? What do you have to say about this feature? Let us know in the comments below.

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