Xbox One June Firmware Update Beta Out Now: Full Changelog Revealed

Xbox One June firmware update beta is out now for the users who are a member of the firmware preview program for the Xbox One. The new features and additions in this firmware beta are now fully detailed.

This will be the first firmware to include external storage support for games and apps. In addition to this, we can now also share our real name with friends, allow auto sign-in so that we don’t manually have to do it each time, and it also features an updated look for the Xbox One store. Read the full changelog below.

External Storage for your Games and Apps. This has been a much requested feature, and it’s here! With the June update preview, you can connect up to two external hard drives to use as extra storage for your Xbox One console. We have a detailed list of how to use this feature here, and you can discuss everything external storage related in the External Storage on Xbox One forums. Don’t forget to check out the FAQ!

Real Name Sharing: Now you can share your real name with your friends, and even with your friends-of-friends. Don’t worry though, you’re in total control – share your name with your entire friends list, or just a few. The next time you open the Friends app, you’ll receive a setup prompt. If you don’t receive the prompt, you can also access the setup by selecting My profile and Share real name.

Auto Sign-In. You requested this, and now you have it! With Auto-Sign In, you can now select an account to sign in automatically when you turn on your Xbox One. To enable this option, navigate to Settings > Preferences > Instant sign-in, and choose the account you wish to sign in automatically. The next time you turn on the system, you’ll be signed-in from the get-go!

Updated Store for Home. The Xbox Store has been redesigned and now includes featured content front and center with Game, Movie, Music, and App categories to the right. The search bar has also been moved, and it’s now an icon under the categories at the far right.

As for the updated Xbox One store page, here is how it looks now.


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