Xbox One Leaker Gets His Console Banned By Microsoft [Update]

Xbox One Owner Moonlightswami apparently got his Xbox One banned by Microsoft for leaking Xbox One info before the release date.

Moonlightswami posted this info on twitter, in which he stated that he just got a ban from Xbox Live, most likely since he was posting and leaking stuff about Xbox One before its eventual release date.

What’s more surprising was that he wasn’t really doing anything illegal and was using a legal account for all these leaks. He leaked various things related to the OS and the Marketplace along with the Install Sizes for Xbox One games, that can be purchased digitally or are currently available on the web store.

From his comments, he might have received a console ban along with a account ban, which is the most strict punishment from Microsoft. We hope that this is a temporary ban and gets lifted when Xbox One is released officially.

Moonlightswami ordered his Xbox One from Target but due to their mistake, he got it earlier than the expected release date. It wasn’t his fault that he got an Xbox One early yet Microsoft spared no minute to ban him and his console.

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Update: Moonlightswami confirmed that his gamertag is not banned but the console is.

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