Here Is How The Xbox One Looks Like If You Brick Your Console During Update

Xbox One has been now officially released in Europe and North America. As users are getting Xbox One, we are going to see all sorts of problems and issues related to their experience with the system. One user in particular managed to brick his console when he tried to update his Xbox One.

This error code, as can be seen below, shows a “E100” error code along with some random numbers.

Consulting the official Microsoft Troubleshoot FAQ for errors related to Xbox One, we can see that this error related to a failed system update and requires sending back Xbox One to Microsoft. The official FAQ lists this error as follow:

E100 xxxxxxxx xxxxxxxx:

This indicates that there was an issue while updating your hardware, and that you’ll need to submit your console for a repair.

To submit a repair, visit the Xbox Online Service Center.

This poor guy might have just bricked his Xbox One trying to update it to the latest firmware update. Hopefully, this problem isn’t as widespread.

What do you think of this error code? Have you faced similar problem? Let us know in the comments below.

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