Xbox One May Firmware Update Improves The Speed Of Notifications And In-Game Achievements

Xbox One May firmware update is now available for download and as more users are starting to get it, they are reporting the new improvements that they saw with the new firmware update.

The Xbox One May firmware update added plenty of new features including improved speech recognition, sound mixer for apps that have volume controls when using Kinect with chat and the ability to download the system update manually, once it is available. Users who were in the Xbox One firmware preview program also noticed an increase in performance for the snap feature.


Now that the firmware update is out for most of the Xbox One users, we are getting reports that the speed of notifications is much faster and smoother, making them easier to open, read and close down. Previously, they ended up being a bit cumbersome due to the slow speed so if you were annoyed by this issue, you should  be happy to see this getting fixed now.

Have you updated to this latest firmware? Did you notice any improvements? Let us know in the comments below.

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