Xbox One May Firmware Update To Be Released Tonight: Increases The Performance Of Apps And Snap Feature

It seems like the Xbox One folks are in for a surprise as it appears that Xbox One May firmware update is scheduled to be released for the general public tonight. This update includes most of the features and fixes that were included in the preview firmware update for the Xbox One.

This new update also brings with it increased performance in system apps. The apps are now also slightly faster to use with the snap feature of the Xbox One. reddit user KAM7 shared the improvements included in this update.

The update brings audio mixer controls (Kinect chat, and snap:main window mix), opt in program for better voice recognition (under settings>privacy), and ability to manually check for updates in the future. Also, something we preview users noticed, slightly faster app and snap loading.

You can read the official announcement made by Microsoft below, which confirms the release of this firmware update to the public tonight.

The most recent update that was rolled out to the update preview community,xb_rel_1405.140514-2300, is starting to roll out to the general public tonight. While the preview of the May system update is winding down, the update previews for SmartGlass and OneGuide will continue across multiple preview waves. We will also continue to engage on the forums to read your feedback and requests, as well as continue to investigate issues that you identify. Here are a few common questions and answers regarding next steps in the update preview:

  • Q. Will we receive another 1405 update to bring us to the same level that the general public will be at?A. No, the build you are now on is the same one that is being rolled out to the general public.
  • Q. What happens to the Update Preview forums now?A. The forums will remain online, and active. There are still active investigations that the developers are engaged on with members of the update preview community, and we are still reading your feedback on what you like, and what you don’t. Also, the update previews for SmartGlass and OneGuide will continue on and will span multiple system update previews. Please continue to post your bug reports and feedback!
  • Q. When will we get another system update to preview?A. We’re still working on the exact date, and will let you know when as soon as we can, along with what changes will be present in the new build. But it won’t be long!

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