Xbox One Has A Mysterious ‘Project Rosewood’ Title, Reveal At E3?

‘Project Rosewood’ appears to be one mysterious title for the Xbox One. The game appears to have been tested by a select few users on the Xbox One, and it is tagged as an Action and Adventure with a co-op and multiplayer support. The download size is also quite small, likely making it an Xbox Live release.

You can check out ‘Project Rosewood’ in the images below, courtesy of reddit user TinyChimp.

Ofcourse, it can also end up simply being a beta version of some game that is under embargo, hence the secrecy. The 1-5 players on Xbox Live points to it being Evolve, the latest co-op shooter from former Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios. It can also be Fable Legends, but this seems unlikely as the game is still a long way off from being in a playable state.

If this is another mysterious Xbox One exclusive, perhaps we will know more about it at the upcoming E3. Otherwise we can just chalk it off to being some beta for a game that is under embargo.

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