Xbox One no longer region locked

President at Xbox and Microsoft’s entertainment divisions Don Matrick posted an update regarding the Xbox One on the official Xbox website earlier today. In the post he talked about how consumer feedback was very important for them and that they have indeed been listening. They also announced that they’ve decided to remove the dreaded DRM and used games policy from the Xbox One which means that it’ll be just like the Xbox 360’s.


Another big announcement that many might have skipped through is that the Xbox One is no longer region locked: “Xbox One games will be playable on any Xbox One console — there will be no regional restrictions.”

Microsoft’s previous two consoles the original Xbox and Xbox 360 have both been region locked so this is new for Redmond, in fact the Xbox One was also said to be region locked after it’s reveal back in March. Sony’s Playstation 4 which serves as the main competition to the Xbox One has been confirmed to be region free just like it’s predecessors.

Isn’t it nice to see gamers win for once?

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