The Xbox One Is Now On Sale For Only $249

Microsoft has announced that the Xbox One will now temporarily be getting a price cut to $249, as part of a summer sale for the console.

The offer however, will only apply to the 500GB consoles and the bundles associated with them. This includes the Xbox One Special Edition Quantum Break Bundle, the Xbox One Name Your Game Bundle, the Xbox One Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Bundle and the Xbox One The LEGO Movie Videogame Bundle.

This will effectively mark a $100 price drop for the Xbox One, as back in March, Microsoft dropped the price of the console from $349 to $299 as part of their spring sale. Although this sale was also supposed to be temporary, the price never actually went back up again, which has led many to conclude that this price drop might be permanent as well.

Xbox One S

Now we come to why the price was decreased in the first place. Firstly, a drop in price for the console would lead to increased sales, which is a good thing considering that the PlayStation 4 is the top selling console for three consecutive month now. Secondly, there is only a little over a week left till the launch of the Xbox One S console on August 2nd. An increase in sales would not only act as promotion for the newer model, but would also help retailers clear out their inventories in order to accommodate the newer stock.

Xbox One S set for release on August 2nd

All that’s left now is to wait and see how this effects sales and whether Microsoft will keep the price reduced for the long term.

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