Xbox One Power Brick Technical Details Shown, Compared With Xbox 360’s Power Brick

The Xbox One is nearly 2 weeks away from being launched. One lucky individual got his Xbox One early because of some confusion at Target. Moonlightswami is the lucky individual to get his Xbox One early, but was struck with a grim reality that Microsoft doesn’t take such things lightly. He ended up getting his console banned. He later confirmed that it was just his console that was only banned and not his Xbox LIVE Gamertag.

Moonlightswami has been providing us pictures of his Xbox One and many other things he is coming across that he deems picture worthy. Recently, he just posted a picture which shows the technical power details of the Xbox One’s power brick.

BYn0c-9CAAAlydcApparently, the picture isn’t of great quality and the flash hides the LED status but the information is still readable. Take a look at how these specs of the Xbox One’s power supply compare with the Xbox 360’s power supply.

xbox-360-power-supply-specsSeeing how the input on the Xbox One’s power brick shows 100-127v, which means the power supply of Xbox One isn’t universal as the Xbox 360’s. This means that people who will be importing the Xbox One from the U.S. will have to plug the power supply of the Xbox One to an outlet with 100-110v. Sony’s PlayStation 3 and the upcoming PlayStation 4 both have universal power supplies which means you can easily import and connect them to an outlet of your choice.

What do you think about this? Should Microsoft have gone with a universal power supply as well? Let us know in the comments below.

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