Xbox One and PS4 Resolution Hinted for Watch Dogs and The Witcher 3 – Report

The war between the PS4 and Xbox One seems never ending. Everything from the design of the consoles to the hardware and everything in between starts an argument amongst the fans.

Earlier today, shinobi602 tweeted the resolution of two upcoming next-gen games, terming first one as “upcoming Hacking Gamer” and the second one as “upcoming Polish Game”.


He tweeted the upcoming “Hacker Game” will run at 900p 30 FPS on Xbox One, however on the PS4 it runs at 1080p 30 FPS, and the upcoming “PolishGame” runs at 720p 30 FPS on Xbox One, and 900p/ 30 FPS on PS4.


It was pretty obvious which games he was talking about. The Hacking Game that he referred to is Watch Dogs and the Polish Game is The Witcher 3.

His tweets are given below:





We already knew that the PS4 is capable of running games at a high resolution than the Xbox One.

Rumor has it, Thief will run at 900p on Xbox One and at 1080p on PS4.

Abdullah Raza


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