Was Xbox One Really Being Tested With Backwards Compatibility By Microsoft?

Xbox One has been officially launched by Microsoft and is now out in the wild for everyone to get their hands on. We know that Xbox One is not backwards compatible with the Xbox 360’s huge catalog of games and it was also said by Microsoft that bringing backwards compatibility using an online streaming service is also difficult.

One user who got his hands on the Xbox One was having problems inserting a disc in his Xbox One when he finally pressed the eject button and to his surprise, there was already a disc present in the Xbox One. It would’ve made more sense if there was any disc labelled ‘Xbox One’ in the disc tray, but this disc was labelled ‘Xbox 360’ and was dated way back to 2010. Such discs are not usable by the retail and contain a modified version of the game for stress test or burn-in of consoles at a factory or after a repair. These discs are classified as confidential by Microsoft.

xboxoneThere’s also some permanent marker writing on the disc which the flash hides a bit. This writing is either Japanese or Chinese as the user who is not well-versed with the language, cannot pin point. These discs and the information on them is not new as these discs have been previously found inside Xbox 360s by many owners.

Some other users have found the Xbox MTE disc as well which is dated more recently than the one above:



Wondering what MTE Test Disc is? According to a user on reddit whose friend works in MSFT:

I know what this is.. It’s used in every Xbox beforehand deployment to avoid selling bricks. It goes through phases of gfx and CPU stress testing . The software measures inconsistencies in temps and reports back to a tool connected to the Xbox via USB .


Source: I have a friend of a friend who works in testing cred. In msft

What does this mean? Does Xbox One really have the ability to have backwards compatibility and it may only be a software update away? Let us know what you think in the comments below.


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