Xbox One S, the smallest, sleekest Xbox yet

Microsoft have kicked off their briefing at E3 today by confirming the Xbox One S, and showcasing a brand new trailer, which looks pretty darn amazing. The newest model, as previously reported, adopts a new white colour scheme (Microsoft calls it “robot white”), and is 40% smaller than the original Xbox One, making it the ‘smallest Xbox’ yet. Here is the trailer below:

Moving on from the aesthetics, the Xbox One S also includes a few other improvements. Most notably, it includes 4k Ultra HD video support and HDR capabilities for gaming and video. It’ll start at $300 and will be out this August.


Microsoft continued by informing the gaming community that the prices would vary according to the size of the hard drive. The 500GB version will be $300; a 1TB version will go for $350; and a 2TB Xbox One S will be $400.

The console isn’t the only thing that’s been polished up! The Xbox One S also gets a upgraded version of the Xbox One controller, which also brandishes the same white colour scheme, like the console. It also has Bluetooth, which means the controller can be used wirelessly with a Windows PC and increases the controller’s wireless range.

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