Xbox One Slim Design And Features Leaked, 2 TB Hard Disk Confirmed

Xbox One is getting a slimmer counterpart in the coming months that was set to official reveal at the E3 2016 conference of Microsoft, but appears to have been leaked ahead of its official reveal.

The new console design features a different color scheme (white compared to black) and 2 TB HDD compared to 500 GB for the original Xbox One. You can check out its design in the image below (via NeoGAF).


The new Xbox One is now called Xbox One S and features 40% smaller console, 2 TB hard drive, 4K Ultra HD video playable, High Dynamic Range and a streamlined controller.

Microsoft will officially reveal this new Xbox One model at their E3 conference. We might hear the release date of this new model along with potentially more details at their conference on June 13th.

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