Xbox One System Update Fixes One Bug And Creates Another

This weekend, The Xbox One got it’s first system update. The update fixed a video output bug which made the video output way too sharp, but Xbox One users have reported, on reddit, to have found another Video Output Bug.

Many other users seem to have experienced similar problems with the system’s video output after installing the update, which reportedly causes the video signal to be lost when returning to the Home screen, while this happens users can still hear the game audio in the background.

“Found a bug when playing Titanfall,” reports user lipper2000. “When starting a game and I hit the home button to go back to the home [screen] the video output is lost…. might also happen with other games. I have to do a hard reset to get back video again.”

“JUST happened to me,” said another user. “Video signal was completely black, but I could hear all the sounds to the respected actions I was performing, i.e. (moving around the home screen, the noise when the voice commands registers your command, and the actual sounds of the Titanfall game i was currently playing in.) My friend even said I was just aimlessly running around but my TV was complete darkness.”

This bug has nothing to do with Titanfall. Players playing other games have experienced similar problems. Looks like the update made things even worse.

Abdullah Raza


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