Xbox One To Finally Support Video Upload To YouTube In The Upcoming Firmware Update

Microsoft has revealed that the new Xbox One update will update the YouTube app and will allow users to upload their clips to their YouTube channels.

After installing the update, a new option ‘My Uploads’ will be available on the app. You will also be able to edit your clips by using ‘Upload Studio’ before uploading it to your channel.

Another feature which will be available for Xbox One users will be the ability to to watch YouTube in Snap mode, and the update will also allow you to add YouTube videos to your Pins, earn numerous Media Achievements, and you can also add your YouTube channels to the OneGuide.


The Xbox One isn’t the only console getting new features, Microsoft also announced that this week, the Xbox 360 will be getting the GoPro app. The GoPro app will also allow you to watch GoPro video content in categories such as sports, adventure and athletes, with two exclusive videos available on the app before anywhere else.

You now have the option to buy a GoPro camera and other accessories, all through the GoPro app.

The update for the Xbox One comes out tomorrow and the Xbox 360 update comes out sometime this week.

Abdullah Raza


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