Xbox One Update Will Allow Users To Switch Off Start-Up Chime

Major Nelson, Director of Programming for Xbox Live, has announced details about an upcoming Xbox One update.

The update will allow users to turn off the start-up chime that the Xbox One console makes when it is powered on. While no official release date for this update is known, it is visible from the images below that not only will this future update allow the chime to be turned off completely, but will also allow the option for it to play when the console is turned on with either voice commands or through pressing the power button.

Xbox One S

The Xbox One’s most recent Summer Update also rolled out back on the 30th of July, and bought with it the background music feature as well as the addition of Cortana. The background music feature allows users the option to play music while they play games with the help of multiple apps such as iHeartRadio, Groove Music, Pandora, etc.

Here's Everything New In The Xbox One Summer Update

Cortana, named after an AI in the Halo franchise, allows greater text dictation and the ability to perform multiple tasks such as setting up parties or finding games through the Kinect or the mic. It also replaced the previously used voice command, “Xbox”, with “Hey Cortana”.

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