Xbox One Users Facing Issues With Faux Update, Locks Out Console

If you own an Xbox One then there is a good chance that you might have started to face this weird issue that has been popping up lately. This issue appears to have been occurring today to most users who try to login into their account on Xbox One. The login works as intended however the console suddenly throws a weird warning where it talks about having trouble finding an update, even though there is none.

This issue has also been discussed at the official Xbox One subreddit where users are pointing towards the randomness of this problem, since there is no clear way of knowing how it occurs. I tried to test this issue and found that it is indeed the case as I was forced to look for update leading to an error. The console then locks out the user until they either choose to turn off the Xbox One or skip update and play the console offline, which might prove to be troublesome for those who are playing online multiplayer.


There are some temporary fixes to this issue as of now, you can try turning off the Xbox One by pulling the power plug and keeping it this way for a minute. It then gets turned on fine when you power it again. However if you can’t skip this error, then you have to play the console offline until a fix is released.

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