Xbox One Users Reportedly Facing Issues With Voice Commands After The Latest System Update

The Xbox One was always prominently advertized as being used with Kinect voice commands for ease of use. These voice commands worked well for the most part but it seems like the latest update might have broken something, as they aren’t working properly for some users now.

A whole thread appeared on reddit, where people started complaining about the voice commands, confirming that it was not some isolated case and affected a variety of users. The only way to fix this issue(for now) is to fully reboot the Xbox One but it appears that this might be a temporary solution as the issue crops up again after a while.

The most affected voice command seems to be “Xbox, Turn Off” but it appears that even “Xbox On” is not working for some users either. Hopefully Microsoft can fix this issue in the upcoming March 2014 system update.

Are you one of the people affected with this issue? Let us know in the comments below.

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