Xbox One Not A Windows Certified Device, Can Play MKV Files

Xbox One if the next-generation console by Microsoft. Dubbed by Microsoft as the one-solution to all entertainment device, Xbox One does do a good job of bringing everything one place. Ironically however, if you connect Xbox One with the Windows OS, it connects and works but shows that Xbox One is not a Windows certified device. We’re guessing Microsoft forgot to update its Windows’ library in the heat of the launch of the Xbox One.

Check out the image below (courtesy of @GoldenTao):


But Xbox One works well even if it is not certified so not that of an issue. What’s more interesting is that Xbox One can play .mkv format files.¬†Matroska or MKV is an ever growing popular format for videos that has great compression whilst not losing any quality. This is great news for those who stream content to their Xbox. Xbox 360 didn’t support .mkv streaming using PlayTo. Reddit user, spencep92, was able to successfully stream .mkv video using a Windows 8.1 laptop and the video opened automatically in Xbox Video on Xbox One.

With the PlayTo app supporting .mkv streaming, there’s no need for other 3rd party apps or software now to stream or convert your videos to stream them to you Xbox.

What do you think about streaming mkv files? Still wish Xbox One would support it natively? Let us know in the comments below.

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