Xbox One X Bricking Issues Might Not Be Related To Faulty Hardware

Microsoft has just launched Xbox One X, which is a mid-generation console just like Sony’s PlayStation 4 Pro. As it is the case with most hardware launches, some reports had emerged of the Xbox One X getting bricked after it was used for a while, however this issue might not be related to the hardware but rather the power cable and could be potentially a user error.

If you have purchased an Xbox One X and it is not powering on, or randomly shutting off when playing games, it is possible that you might have a faulty power cable for the console, or that you have to plug it directly instead of using something like a surge protector. Microsoft also recommends to utilize this method in case your console has issue getting turned off or shutting down.

Some users were able to fix their console by changing their power cable, or by making sure that it was inserted carefully into the console since it can end up being loose. I have also personally faced this issue when I sold my original Xbox One and upgraded to an Xbox One Slim. It is possible that as a new console, you might have to apply more force to insert the power cable even though just putting it inside will make it seem like it is held firmly in place.

Xbox One X has launched on November 7th and can be currently bought for $499. It is being sold at a slightly more expensive price compared to the PS4 Pro, which retails for $399.

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