Xbox One X SDK Still Being Worked On, Will Feature Updated UI Similar To Xbox One S

Xbox One X won’t be out until November this year. The console isn’t even able to pre-order yet because it needs to be approved from FCC first, but this hasn’t stopped Microsoft from showing the console and its games at E3. Recently Corporate Vice President at Xbox, Mike Ybarra talked a little about the upcoming features and updates planned for the Xbox One X in his tweets.

Ybarra replied back to a fan asking if the current Software Development Kit for the Xbox One X is complete or are they still working on it. He confirmed that the XDK is still not complete and they are still working on it. He was also asked about the UI for Xbox One X and whether it will be the same as the standard Xbox One. Ybarra confirmed that the UI will be the same although he hinted that a new update for UI is being planned so it is possible that the update might change the UI before Xbox One X launches in November. The software will keep getting updates across all platforms for the Xbox One.

Mike Ybarra was excited about an idea for a potential MMO featuring the new Xbox avatars that are set to launch this Fall. He revealed that streaming on Xbox One X is limited to 720p/1080p at 60 fps since 4K requires a lot of bandwidth. Although you can capture videos at 4K/60 fps on the Xbox One X.

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