Xbox One’s Bluetooth controller’s PC compatibility isn’t impressive as we once thought

With the Xbox One S we found out that the new Xbox One controllers will be coming with Bluetooth modules. These modules replace the previous ancient WiFi modules which not only in some cases interfere with other wireless devices but also cannot be connected with the PC without adapters.

The Bluetooth controller, like the Dualshock 4, can be seamlessly connected to PC and includes in-built integration with a countless number of games.

Unfortunately the new controller has some downfalls. The biggest of which is that you can only connect one controller to your PC via Bluetooth. Any more controllers will require a $25 adapter per controller. There’s also the fact connecting an Xbox One controller via Bluetooth requires the recent Windows 10 Anniversary update. So if you’re on an older version of Windows then you’re out of luck.

xbox one bluetooth controller

There’s a bunch of software issues with the new controllers too. They’ll work fine on your Xbox One but using the pad on PC requires a firmware update that the manual doesn’t even tell you about. The firmware can only be updated by using the Xbox Accessories app which you have to install manually. So in short, it’s a bit more than Plug and Play on Windows unlike its competition.

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Still, the new Bluetooth Xbox One controllers are much better than the old WiFi ones.

What do you think about the Xbox One Bluetooth controller’s PC compatibility? Let us know in the comments.

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