Xbox One’s reserved GPU memory set to be reduced to 2%

Microsoft currently reserves almost 10% GPU memory for Kinect and other OS specific functions but according to an industry informer Pete Dodd, that will be reduced by almost 8% to provide the developers more power at their disposal. He tweeted this news saying

“10‰ reserved gpu getting turned into 2‰ soon.”

Pete has built a reputation for providing reliable information before it is made official so even though this is a rumour as of now, expect an official announcement soon.

Ahsan Rasheed, another leading source of inside information relating to Microsoft’s Xbox One, called this a “Great news for Xbox One fans”. If these two guys can vouch for this , then expect this rumour to be confirmed soon.

In the current console wars, Microsft’s console has taken a beating from PS4 because of the fact that the latter is more powerful in specs and this has caused a lot of controversy as some games are rendered at sub-HD resolution on Xbox One whereas they are playable in full HD on Sony’s console.

More power is always welcome and even though this extra juice for the developers might make a small difference for the users,it still won’t bring the Xbox One at par with PS4’s power so don’t expect your Xbox One to play all games at 1080p all of a sudden.

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