Xbox Scorpio Name Leaked Through Best Buy Listing

Microsoft is going to reveal their next console soon at the upcoming E3 conference but some details about it are slowly starting to leak. First the price of the console was leaked by none other than Geoff Keighley. He tweeted about the price for the console stating that it will be $499. Now a second leak has confirmed the name of this new console.

While most people refer to Project Scorpio as Xbox Scorpio, the full name wasn’t confirmed until recently. Best Buy Canada has shared a promotion image of the new console which also lists the name for it as Xbox Scorpio.

This name change is new especially with the plain text logo so there is a good chance that this might end up being the official name of the console.

Xbox Scorpio price has also been rumored to be $499 while the release date of the console has been speculated to be in October. Look forward to Microsoft’s E3 conference for more information and official confirmation of all these rumors.

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