Xbox Scorpio Price Teased By Insider, Won’t Be $399

Xbox Scorpio is all set to be revealed within a few hours. Microsoft has been hyping up the announcement of the Xbox Scorpio for a while now and while there is no confirmation of a price for the console, there have been a few rumors recently that point towards a potential price point for the Xbox Scorpio.

Head of Xbox, Phil Spencer, has always presented the Xbox Scorpio console as a ‘premium’ version of Xbox One so if you are hoping for cheap price point for this upcoming console, you will have to drop that dream right now. Jez Corden, who has some information from inside Microsoft and has been mostly correct with rumors regarding Scorpio has teased the price point of console on his Twitter. He was confident that the console will launch at $399 but he has changed his stance since then, perhaps due to a new information he might have received.

While he didn’t reveal any price information in his tweet, it pretty much confirms that Xbox Scorpio won’t be able to make the $399 price as he originally hoped for. The new price for the console can by anywhere from $449 to $499. This is also the launch price for the Xbox One back when PS4 was officially announced so there is a good chance it also happens with Xbox Scorpio.

Microsoft has also slashed the price of some of their Xbox One S bundles by $50. You can get an Xbox One S with a game bundled for just $249. There is no information on whether this is just a limited deal or an official price drop.

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