Xbox Scorpio Teaser Expects You To ‘Feel True Power’

Xbox Scorpio will be revealed at the upcoming E3 and while Microsoft hasn’t shared any major detail about the hardware, they are teasing small tidbits about the reveal before their E3 conference.

The latest video was posted on the official Xbox channel and it teases the reveal of Xbox Scorpio with the tagline: “Feel True Power”.

Xbox Scorpio is claimed to be the most powerful console once it launches. It has 6 TFLOPS of GPU power, 8 core CPU running at a higher clock speed than Xbox One, 12 GB of memory pool and it will also pack-in SSD hard disk for faster access times. The console has not been priced yet but given the launch specs, don’t expect it to be any cheaper than $399.

Microsoft will reveal the Xbox Scorpio along with its launch games at their E3 2017 conference. So far, we have confirmed list of games including Shadow of War, Forza Motorsports, Gears of War 4 and more will be revealed at E3.

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