Xbox Scorpio Will Be Priced $499, Will Feature UHD Blu-Ray, Says Geoff Keighley

Microsoft is close to revealing the official price for their upcoming new console codenamed Xbox Scorpio. This console is supposed to be a mid-generation refresh just like the PS4 Pro, however it carries a rather hefty hardware upgrade compared to the Xbox One. The hardware specs for Xbox Scorpio have been confirmed and it packs 6 TFLOPS of GPU, 12 GB GDDR5 RAM and will also feature UHD Blu-ray.

Geoff Keighley recently tweeted about the price point of Xbox Scorpio. There has been a new rumor that states that Xbox Scorpio won’t launch at $399 and instead the price is expected to be somewhere from $449 to $499. Keighley appeared to be pretty confident in his tweet saying that Xbox Scorpio will launch at $499.

The two important points in the tweet are the mention of the price at $499, which was also the launch price of the original Xbox One bundled with Kinect. The other point is the inclusion of UHD Blu-Ray drive, which is a feature that is absent on the PS4 Pro, the competitor to Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio.

Of course, this is not a confirmation by any means but considering the track record of Geoff Keighley with his connections inside the industry, also the fact that Microsoft has been marketing it as a premium monster console, this price shouldn’t be much of a surprise. We will find out more at the upcoming E3 2017 conference by Microsoft.

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