Xbox Scorpio Will Provide 9 GB of GDDR5 RAM Access To Developers

Microsoft has recently revealed that they have managed to increase the RAM available to developers ahead of the Xbox Scorpio reveal. Before this update, Xbox Scorpio would give the developers 8 GB of GDDR5 RAM compared to the 4 GB for Xbox One. After this recent update, Microsoft has managed to free one extra GB of RAM bringing the total amount to 9 GB for developers.

Xbox Scorpio is the next generation console from Microsoft that is set to launch this Holiday. The hardware packed by Xbox Scorpio is already powerful than the PS4 Pro but it seems like Microsoft is not stopping anytime soon. The recent announcement that developers will be now able to utilize one extra GB of GDDR5 RAM for Xbox Scorip was revealed by Mike Ybarra on Twitter.

Keep in mind that Xbox Scorpio has 12 GB of GDDR5 RAM but 4 GB of it was reserved for the OS and UI. This is standard for a system software usage and the same case applies to the PS4 as well. Microsoft has managed to free some resources so that now an extra GB of RAM should be available to the developers allowing them to utilize its full potential.

Xbox Scorpio is set to officially reveal at the Microsoft’s E3 2017 conference in the coming week.

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