Xbox Series X exclusive with one the largest budgets in gaming history in development, possibly Highlander related [Rumor]

With the next-generational consoles releasing in just a few months there’s still a lot that we don’t know, including what games are currently in development for the consoles.

Recently a Linkedin profile popped up with some very interesting information regarding a potential upcoming Xbox Series X exclusive that the author touts to have one of the largest budgets in the video game history.

The leak comes in from the Linkedin profile of Kenneth Jackson, Senior Software Dev at Qlymax, a new independent game studio. We don’t know much about the studio, which could be because hasn’t made its debut yet and with the game in question being their first project.

Jackson states the following on his profile regarding the new studio and the game they’re working on:

Qlymax is a Game Development Studio, independent of any other studio or gaming company. The 9 founders of Qlymax are all industry veterans who have worked on over 20 AAA Video Games. (I am one of the 9). Our first game has an expected release date of Holiday 2022, for XBOX Series X (XBOX Exclusive).

Our Q-Max engine is almost complete. Q-Max was written from the ground up to fully leverage the power of the next generation video game consoles. The Q-Max engine is an all in one game development engine, which includes full graphics,, audio (Dolby Atmos included), per pixel hit detection, an immersive and ultra realistic hydro and thermo dynamics engine, full AI and So Much More.
More Q-Max engine details soon…

The first game from Qlymax is an IP that has never been seen in the Video Game format. It is an IP we all at Qlymax know and love, and we are doing this right.
This game will only be released when it is fully realized and fully finished, not a second before. Our budget for this game is one of the largest in Video Game history.

Info here is Vague (purposely), but it will be worth it when all is revealed!

It’s a Kind of Magic!

Now on to the speculation part, did you notice anything interesting about the post and what IP they could be teasing towards? Well the last line looks to be a hint.

As some of you may have guessed the tease is the song “A Kind of Magic”, one of the songs British rock band Queen made for the 1986 fantasy action-adventure movie Highlander. Would certainly be something if a Highlander game is in development wouldn’t it?

What do you think about all of this? Think this could be a Xbox Series X exclusive Highlander game? Or do you think that it’s something else? Let’s discuss in the comments below.

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