Xbox Series X & Xbox Series S confirmed to have WiFi 5, not the latest WiFi 6

Detailed tech specs for the Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S were released earlier today with us getting the confirmation that both consoles won’t have WiFi 6 as rumored, instead they’ll have WiFi 5 – technology from 2014.

Both the PlayStation 5 and the Xbox Series X & S were rumored to include WiFi 6, the latest WiFi standard released in 2019.

I really want to rant on why it’s such a huge exclusion, especially for a next-gen console.

Like previous increments before it, WiFi 6 will have substantial improvements over WiFi 5 with some of the notable ones being the following:

  • Up to 40% faster speeds
  • 4X better performance in dense environments
  • Improved network efficiency and QOL
  • Improved power efficiency

Yes I know it costs more currently since its newer tech, but for the Xbox Series X in particular which Microsoft seems to have not left any stones unturned in terms of performance, it’s quite a notable exclusion.

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So now we can just hope that the PS5 will have WiFi 6 because it’ll be quite an upgrade for those users that are unable to or don’t have a direct ethernet connection to their consoles.

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