White Xbox One Bundle Rumoured In Leaked Listing

It’s been only been a couple of months since Microsoft lowered the price of its Xbox One console and it seems as that now they are not only planning to provide a better value for money, but they also plan to give the customer another colour option by introducing a White Xbox One. Microsoft’s latest console in White is not something unheard of as it was exclusively “gifted” to the guys behind the Xbox One development, however, this would be the first time that it is available for normal customers.


The news comes from MicroMania, a french retailer, when it posted a listing for a White Xbox One bundle and the corresponding screenshot was posted on the famous NeoGaf forums. The original page has since been removed but it has certainly caused quite a bit of stir among the console fansIt should be noted that MicroMania is part of Gamestop therefore this might have some authenticity afterall.

But this is just half the news. Another thing to cheer about is the claim that it would be a bundle package with the highly anticipated game Sunset Overdrive as evident from the image .

pack-xbox-one-blanche-micromaniaWhite Xbox One + Sunset Overdrive comming “exclusively” at Micromania (french retrailer) november 28 for 399,99€.

This listing is quite plausible because Microsoft usually offers a bundle package for a much-hyped game (games such as Titanfall and Forza 5 and more recently Madden 15 came as a dedicated bundle) with a free copy of the game.It is expected that this bundle would be unveiled later this month and it would be launched when Sunset Overdrive hits the shelf (on October 28)

However, this is still a rumor and therefore it should be taken with a pinch of salt! Even if this turns up to be genuine, only time will tell if it would help Microsoft regain the ground it is losing against Sony’s PS4 or is it too late. Let us know what you think in the comments!

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