Xenoblade Chronicles X: Here’s Complete guide to the new Los Angeles District

While the world of Mira offers plenty of tasks to perform, the inner part of New Los Angeles is also a fascinating place, as you’ll be able to extend your BLADE skills while exploring the planet in Xenoblade Chronicles X. You can visit five districts in New Los Angeles. Below is a complete breakdown on each one of the districts.

Administrative District


This district is the center of New Los Angeles and from this location, you’ll be able to visit the BLADE Tower and see everything it has to offer. Be sure to keep track of your progress in Xenoblade Chronicles X.

The Administrative District also has a variety of activities to offer. You can visit the Hangar to see what kind of traffic comes in, as well as the Mimeosome Maintenance Center in case you need to repair something.

On a side note, the BLADE Tower and Concourse are the easiest place in this district to start off. The district is not quite large as Mira’s larger areas, but it still contains quite interesting locations.

Commercial District


This district is probably one of the best urban areas in Xenoblade Chronicles X. You’ll be able to explore strip malls and cafes in Commercial District. The Commercial District consists of many interconnected streets, mainly revolving around Melville. You can also check out the Founders street and Barista Court in the district.

On a side note, the whole district covers a ground which you can explore with the passage of time.

Industrial District


If you’re looking for progress to be made within New Los Angeles, you’ll definitely want to stop by the Industrial District. Here you’ll find manufactures where stuff is made. You’ll be able to get new missions from the Outfitters Test Hangar. You can also visit the West Gate for good measures, which can further lead you to Primordia. There’s also a Repenta Diner located in the area, where you’ll find a few fellow BLADE soldiers.

On a side note, this is a rather large area in Xenoblade Chronicles X, with the Central Industrial District and the Outfitters Test Hangar covering a lot of ground. Be sure to stop by both Repenta Diner and the Hangar to see the most of what this area has to offer.

Residential District


Finally, you can go to the main area in the city which is known as the Residential District. Here, you’ll find five different areas divided up within a small corner of the map, including a small Sports Complex where residents can show their competitive side, as well as a Water Purification Plant. The other areas consist mainly of homes in Ishmael Hills, as well as a beautiful Deliverance Park and a Cathedral.

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