Xenoblade Chronicles X releasing Spring 2015 in Japan

Xenoblade Chronicles X was the highlight of the latest Nintendo Direct with developers Monolith Soft showing how the development on the game is coming along. According to them, the game has entered the final phase of development and the staff is in high morale, Nintendo however says that the game does need some more time to finish.

Monolith Soft aims to deliver Xenoblade Chronicles X worldwide in 2015. For Japan a Spring 2015 release date is confirmed however the North American and European release dates are still not decided.

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Monolith Soft also went ahead and created a website for the game, do note that it is in Japanese. Check it out here. If you’re interested in news regarding the game from the developers themselves, go and follow the official Xenoblade Chronicles X Twitter account which just went up.


Xenoblade Chronicles X will take place on the planet of Mira with New Los Angeles serving as the player’s home base. On Mira, players will be able to fight monsters, gather items and complete quests similar to the original game. The game’s plot mainly revolves around humanity’s struggle for survival on an alien planet.

Check out the gameplay shown off in the Nintendo Direct below:

[youtube width=”602″ height=”350″ video_id=”TJwRZQ3SvKk”]

Xenoblade Chronicles is being published by Nintendo and is a Wii U exclusive. So how hyped are you for Xenoblade Chronicles X? Let us know in the comments below.

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