Yakuza 0, King of Fighters XIV, and Ni-Oh apparently headed to PC

With the onslaught of exclusives revealed at Sony’s Playstation Experience press conference, an interesting observation has been brought to our attention regarding some of the titles that were promoted as PS4 only titles – Yakuza 0, King of Fighters XIV, and Ni-Oh were all labeled as “PS4 console exclusive”.


Given the wording, it’s safe to assume that these titles won’t be appearing on a console other than the PS4. However, that doesn’t rule out a PC version. Had there been no possibility of these games arriving on Steam, Sony would’ve likely referred to them as “Only on Playstation”.

It’s safe to assume that Yakuza 0, King of Fighters XIV, and Ni-Oh will arrive on PC at some point. Whether the PC ports appear day and date with the PS4 releases remains to be seen, however.


Steam is gradually inching closer to becoming the ultimate platform for Japanese titles. Several well-known franchises from Japan, which have traditionally only been available on consoles in the past, are now available on the PC. Times are indeed changing for the better, as the existence of a PC port for such niche releases ensures their preservation in the times to come.

Would you be interested in picking up Yakuza 0, KoF XIV, or Ni-Oh on PC? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

Muhammad Ali Bari

Reviews Editor at GearNuke

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