Yakuza 0: A Guide To Goro Majima’s Battle Styles

Yakuza 0 switches up the fantastic combat of the Yakuza franchise with some much needed improvements, in the form of brand new Battle Styles for each of the game’s two protagonists. And it’s a good thing it did, as the combat in the series was starting to get a bit repetitive .

Each character gets a selection of three styles unique to them, and they can be classified into the Balance, Speed, or Power categories. After having already looked at Kazuma Kiryu, this guide will take a look at Goro Majima’s Battle Styles.

Majima’s Battle Styles:

Thug Style:

This is Majima’s default fighting style that utilizes a lot of multi-directional kicks. Similarly to Kazuma’s Brawler style, it also makes use of grabs and is the most balanced of Majima’s three styles.

Breaker Style:

A fighting style that utilizes over the top breakdancing moves. Its very flashy and even allows Majima to strike a pose after spinning attacks to deal massive damage.

Slugger Style:

In this fighting style Majima wields a baseball bat and uses it do deliver powerful blows against his enemies. The strongest of all his styles, it even makes short work of bosses.

As with Kazuma Kiryu, Majima can also further upgrade his Battle styles using cash earned in the game.

Yakuza 0: A Guide To Kazuma Kiryu's Battle Styles

Yakuza 0 is set to be released on 24th January, 2017 on the PlayStation 4. You can also check out our review for the game here.

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