Yakuza Ishin PS3 vs PS4 Direct-Feed Screenshot Comparison Shows The Power Difference Between Both

Since PS4 has launched in Japan and there is a demo available for Yakuza Ishin on both platforms, we decided to do a Yakuza Ishin PS3 vs PS4 comparison. Are there any obvious graphical difference besides the resolution and fps boost?

Yakuza: Ishin is the latest entry in the ever popular Yakuza series in Japan. Just like Yakuza: Kenzan, Yakuza: Ishin targets the feudal era in Japan. It is also a spin-off, set apart from the main series which is set in modern Japan. You can see a set of comparison shots below, which highlight the difference between the PS3 and PS4 version of the game. Additionally, you can download the demo for Yakuza Ishin on both PS3 and PS4, provided you have a Japanese PSN account. The demo is pretty short but gives a good enough idea of the gameplay.

As you can notice in this comparison, beside obvious update to the textures, as visible on the cloths, the character models are pretty much the same.

Here are a couple more character model comparisons, higher quality textures on clothes are visible here as well.

Yakuza-Ishin-Comaprison-6-1 Yakuza-Ishin-Comaprison-6-2 Yakuza-Ishin-Comaprison-7-1 Yakuza-Ishin-Comaprison-7-2

The environment textures mostly remain the same, down to the last detail.

Yakuza-Ishin-Comaprison-8-2 Yakuza-Ishin-Comaprison-8-1 Yakuza-Ishin-Comaprison-5-2 Yakuza-Ishin-Comaprison-5-1

Note: Click on each image and then click on “view full size” to see them in full resolution.

As for the city, the PS4 seems to sport better quality texture filtering, stronger and more refined depth-of-field effect, higher quality textures and shadows. Although, to the naked eye, this difference might not be obvious enough. Still, along with these graphical differences, we have also got the advantage of 1080p resolution and 60 fps on PS4 compared to 720p resolution and 30 fps on the PS3.

Whatever is the case, Yakuza: Ishin shows a lot of promise for future Yakuza titles on the PS4. If Sega makes a brand new Yakuza specifically aimed at the PS4 hardware in mind, they definitely have a lot of leg room to up the ante with the graphics.

What do you think of this graphics comparison? Let us know in the comments below.

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