Yakuza Kiwami 2 Guide: How To Defeat Ryuji Goda (1st Encounter)

Yakuza Kiwami 2 has many memorable boss fights. Ryuji Goda is one of the most interesting villains in the Yakuza series and his 1st encounter with Kazuma Kiryu can easily end up being a challenging one if you are not prepared for it. There are a number of ways to approach this fight but the most important one is to be fully prepared in case you don’t have a good amount of skills and stats upgraded in time for the fight.

How To Beat Ryuji Goda In First Boss Encounter

Yakuza Kiwami 2 is divided into chapters. You will usually end a chapter after going through major story events. The end of chapter 3 leads to an action-packed sequence that will culminate with a fight with Ryuji Goda. He is a tough boss fight because until now, the game will not require much strategy to defeat the enemies but your real skills will come into play with this boss fight.

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To prepare for the boss fight, you should stock up on health and stamina recovery items. They might come in handy in case you don’t make it through the whole boss fight. You can also do it before the start of chapter 3 so make sure to only agree to proceed ahead at the start of chapter 3 if you have a good set of equipment, items and skills or stats unlocked.

Once you start the fight, there is no turning back, however, the game does make it a little easier for you by making the start of the fight a checkpoint. The fight is rather easy in the start since Ryuji Goda doesn’t really act as aggressively. Simply do a normal combo and then dodge his attacks when you see him rushing to grab you. You need to make sure to survive with the most health since the second phase will be absolutely brutal.

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Once you get his health down to 2 bars, you get a flashy quick-time event that leads to the second phase and Ryuji Goda begins to glow red. This is a difficult phase of the boss fight and your attacks will start doing less damage to him while his attack power and frequency of attacks will increase. It is best to stay away from him as much as possible and find the chance to attack him when he rushes at your character leaving him vulnerable. If you have a weapon equipped, this is also the best time to equip any weapons and unleash them with heat moves. You need to get his health down quickly since the longer you spend here, the tougher the fight will get and your health will drop easily. We also have a video for this boss fight which you can view above.

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Yakuza Kiwami 2 is available now exclusively for the PS4. It was developed and published by Sega.

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