Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles Will Coming to PS4 and PC in 2017

Ex-Activision and Rocksteady devs announced that their new project, Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles, will be released for PS4 and PC in the second quarter of 2017. The game will make its public debut at PlayStation Experience 2016 in booth B2502.

The game is set is in a fantastical island of Gemea which has been taken over by an evil murk. Players have to assume the role of the hero, and save the people of Gemea. On their quest, users will be exploring the island, and teaming up with natives, sprites, and other ethereal creatures who can dispel the darkness.


Moreover, there will be eight different environments to explore in Gemea. Prideful Sloth team, however, has not yet mentioned anything about whether the game will feature any sort of combat system. The team’s main focus has been on promoting the game’s exploration and puzzle-solving aspects, in addition to its town-building and social mechanics.

The co-founder and lead designer at Prideful Sloth, Cheryl Vance stated that, “Yonder features exploration and adventure inspired by classic fantasy franchises, and blends them with fully fleshed out but entirely optional farming gameplay. Adventure fans will instantly recognize Yonder’s mechanics, which are unified in a wholly original way, while finding themselves enraptured in the gorgeous animated world.”

Check out the trailer to know more about Yonder.


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